Bigger Than Both of Us

from by The Fea Street Hustle

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Bigger than both of us – The Fea Street Hustle

When all was just an endless sea
darkness over the face of the deep
and over the water a spirit starting to breath
Deep, deep down in the belly of the earth
bent, buckled, broken and burned
I was birthed out of the fury and the fire of a passionate love

Over infinite time, through infinite night
I wrestled my way up toward the light
just short of the prize there I gave up the fight, and lay still
There I stayed over time unknown
I saw species of giants all come and go
as I was formed in the wind and the water and the driving snow

So I rose and I fell then I rose again
thrown kicking and screaming into the air
till the rains carried me down and laid me to rest
As I lay and I slept there I gathered my strength
drawing it up with my every breath
from the body beneath me holding me in my sleep

And I awoke as the earth brought forth
sounds and scents and colours and warmth
and people came travelling far-flung from distant shores
And one day came an honest man
I gave myself up into his calloused hands
he took me and shaped me, released from the hold of the land

I was there
when the night came in
I remained
daylight cut through again

And I was there when Adam and Eve went wrong
I was there when Maui slowed down the sun
I’ll remain long after this world is dead and gone
I way heavy on your chest and I’m close to your heart
guiding you on down that rocky path
over mountains and oceans you’ll hear me calling you home
as I say

Don’t fight me
I’m stronger than memories past
I’m older than unseen stars
and I’m bigger than both of us
Don’t fight me
I’m stronger than memories past
I’m deeper than unseen scars
and I’m bigger than both of us


from Magpies, released April 26, 2015
Electric guitars: Jonny Screech
Acoustic guitar: Emerson Yeoman
Bass: Gareth Bedford
Drums: Matt Hegan
Vocals: Emerson Yeoman
Keyboards: Aiden Fraser
Backing vocals: Hana Fahy, Matt Langley and Emerson Yeoman



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The Fea Street Hustle Dunedin

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